New research indicating that chiropractic care can affect the severity of a person’s reaction to Covid-19


I have been a chiropractor for over 40 years and one of the most consistent result I have seen is that people who get regular chiropractic care do not get sick as often or as severely.  Though I believe this would also apply to Covid-19, there was no research to back this up.  But a group of researchers just published an article called “Autonomic balance determines the severity of COVID-19 courses,” found in the November 24, 2020 edition of “Bioelectronic Medicine.”  This study confirms what I have believed, that my care can reduce the severity of Covid-19.

The article itself is quite thorough and very technical, but the gist is that when the vagus nerve, which affects most of your organs, is functioning properly, it can reduce inflammation and help these patients to survive. If their vagus nerve is doing its job by shutting down inflammation, they are more likely to live through it.

And that is what chiropractic care does – it has a balancing effect on all of the nerves including the vagus nerve.  So now I know that I can help corona virus patients – not by treating coronavirus, but by adjusting patients to improve nerve function, which now is being proven to have a profound effect on the impact of COVID in infected patients.

This is important information for everyone to know.  Getting regular adjustments may be one of the most important factor in preventing serious consequences to getting infected.  Please pass this on to your friends and if you have not been in for an adjustment recently, call to make an appointment right away.


Dr. Khalsa

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Dear patients, yoga students, and friends:

I have been doing some new research about the effect of wearing masks and this new information strongly confirms that wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing are essential in reducing the spread of Covid-19.  Here is a summary of what I have found that is very persuasive.

Initially doctors advised that masks were not very protective from the virus, but if you were coughing and sneezing, wearing a mask kept people around you safe.  The virus itself was small enough to pass through the mask, but droplets containing the virus could not.  I just found a very dramatic demonstration showing how many microscopic droplets we exhale just with normal speech.  Here is the link:  Click on the video and see how many droplets are present with normal speech, both with and without a mask.  The difference is quite striking.  Clearly a mask is reducing these tiny droplets even if you are contagious but not showing symptoms.

There was also a recent unintentional test of mask effectiveness.  Two hairdressers who had the infection wore masks while working on 139 clients, and none of these clients got the virus.  You can find this link here:

Masks are not totally effective at protecting you from the virus but if people around you are wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and you wash your hands regularly, your risk of catching the virus is very low.

As an aside, I have been very concerned about the medical establishment’s partnership with the media in scaring people to get them to comply. I recognize their motivation but from my perspective, fear suppresses the immune system and makes a person more susceptible to getting the infection.

If you get regular chiropractic care to enhance your immune system, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar, exercise regularly, and meditate, your risk of getting sick is significantly less.  Even though living a healthy lifestyle reduces your risk, it is still important for those of us who are healthy to wear masks and take precautions to protect those who are not so healthy.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Dr. Khalsa

Finding humor in difficult times

Just read that tonight’s Powerball is up to 275 rolls of Angel Soft toilet paper.

Many parents have discovered the teacher was not the problem!

Home School Day 1: wondering how I can get this kid transferred out of my class.

The truth is, it’s not so boring at home. But it’s interesting that one bag of rice has 7,456 grains and another has 7,489.

We are about 3 weeks away from knowing everyone’s true hair color.

I wonder if God got so mad about all of our fighting down here that He sent us to our rooms.

Can someone explain to me how a virus causing a cough resulted in a run on toilet paper? If COVID-19 caused diarrhea, would there be a run on cough syrup?

I’ve eaten 13 times and taken 4 naps and it’s still today.