Khalsa Chiropractic staying in same location

Dear Patients:

Some of you may have heard that our building was sold and the new landlord has raised the rent.  The Awareness Center downstairs may be leaving, but we have signed a new lease and will be staying.  Call if you have any questions.  (626) 345-9750

On a lighter note, I was able to fulfill a life long desire to see the Rolling Stones in concert.  Here is picture of me dressed a little different from what you are used to.

Dr. Khalsa

Dr. Khalsa away next week at solstice yoga celebration

Dear patients:

I will be gone next week to New Mexico for the Kundalini Yoga Solstice Celebration.  I have been attending this week long event for over 40 years.  I will have my healing batteries recharged and be ready to bring healing and light to all of you when I get back.  My first day back will be Saturday, June 22.  Sat Mitter will be checking messages so call if you want to set up an appointment.  I will be sending all of you healing and blessings from the festival.


Dr. Khalsa

Get an Adjustment after every dental appointment

In this video Pasadena CA chiropractor, Dr. Khalsa explains why it is so important to get an adjustment after you have seen the dentist.  This is true for everything from a teeth cleaning to extensive work.  The combination of stress, head position, jaw position and any anesthesia makes an adjustment a necessity.   For more information and health tips, go to his website at

Quick release points for upper back and shoulder blades

Here are some simple trigger points that will help you or someone you love to release upper back and shoulder blade pain.

If you like this simple technique, share this with your friends.   For more information and health tips, go to his website at