Introducing Dr. Ivonne Ferendell, D.C.

Please, forgive me for so many emails this week, even some duplicates.  Several patients did not get my recent emails, so I will be sending them two different ways.

Also, you will receive another email later this week explaining how to make an online appointment and where to go for your Saturday appointment.

Introducing Ivonne Ferendell, D.C.

When I decided to partially retire, I started looking for someone to care for you when I am not available.  You are like family to me, and I want you to receive the best care. I wanted to find someone who was a healer as well as a chiropractor.

I was so blessed to find Dr. Ivonne.  She has been a healer for many years, and she does many of the same techniques that I do.  I am training her to duplicate what I do, and I am amazed at how natural this is for her.  She recently gave me an adjustment, and I felt like I could not have given myself a better adjustment.  I am very confident that she will give you the same great experience in healing that I have.

She will be seeing patients at her office in Altadena at 1911 Lake Avenue and works Monday to Thursday with some early and late hours.  You can make an appointment with her by calling her at (626) 945-0011.  Your first visit with her will be longer so she can get to know you and do an exam before she gives you an adjustment.  She normally charges $150 for this but as a courtesy to me, you will only pay your usual fee for a visit.  Here is more information about her:

My name is Dr Ivonne Ferandell-Villarino, D.C. but you can call me Dr. Ivonne.  I have been doing healing work for the past 20+ years, first as a massage therapist and then as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  I focus on structure, biochemistry, nutrition, and emotions – and how they are all interconnected. I come from a family line of healers and was exposed to the healing arts since early childhood.  I even saw Dr. Khalsa when I was a child.  (Small world!). I feel very grateful and honored to carry on the legacy of Dr. Khalsa’s’ work. I look forward to meeting and supporting any who wish to continue their healing journey.