Dr. Khalsa reducing hours – every other Saturday

Dear patients:

I have been in practice for over 44 years and I was planning on retiring this year. So many of you, sensing that this was going to happen, told me I better not ever retire. I am very flattered and honored, and instead of retiring, starting in September, I will be working every other Saturday from 8 to noon. I am closing the office upstairs and working downstairs. (Yay, no more stairs!) I have also found a local chiropractor who I am training, and she will be able to see you when I am not available. She has been adjusting me and I love her adjustments. I will have more information about her soon.

Office visits will be more focused: To see so many of you, our time together will be focused on adjusting and healing: no politics, sports, weather, etc. Also, I don’t want you to feel rushed, and instead of going over new symptoms at the visit, you can send me an email in advance. You will have unlimited email at no charge for concerns, questions, and new symptoms. But there will always be time for hugs!

Appointments: You will be making and cancelling your appointments online. Because appointments will be in demand, I will be charging for missed appointments. You will have up to Thursday night to cancel without any charge. If you cancel late and the appointment fills, you will not be charged.

Payments: All credit cards will be stored securely, and I will process your payment at the end of the day. You will give me cash and checks directly. If cash, I probably will not be able to give change so extra cash will be applied towards your next visit.

New patients: With this new schedule I will not have time to do a new patient consultation and exam. New patients will fill out their intake form in advance. I will read it before the visit and get right to work when they come for their appointment.

I know this is a lot and you will have questions. Sat Miter will answer your questions and you can set up a no charge phone call to talk to me. As I get more details, I will let you know about making appointments and about the new chiropractor.

I am so honored that so many of you have chosen me for so many years. It is hard for me to do this, but my guidance tells me it is time. Thank you so much for all of the support and love that you have given me over the years.


Dr. Khalsa