Health tips


This is an easy stretch you can do from your bed that can release low back and hip pain.

You can use these trigger points to release headaches.

You can use these trigger points to release neck pain.

This is a core exercise that anyone can do to stabilize and strengthen the core muscles that support the low back.

Here is a very simple and easy set of stretches that you can do daily to keep your spine flexible.  Only a few minutes a day!

Back in spasm?  Here is a simple way to release the spasm with a ball

Things you can know

Why you need an adjustment after every visit to the dentist.

Why Probiotics are so essential to good health

Which is better for muscle pain:  ice or heat?

Why everyone needs to get enough Vitamin D

The importance to our nerves and muscles to have adequate levels of Calcium and Magnesium

Things you can understand

How do we heal.  This video explains the cycle of healing.

When we are sick, where does this come from.  Is the cause outside or within us?

Are what we are feeling the symptoms or the cause?