Our Patients Speak

For years I feared going to a chiropractor until I was lucky enough to find Dr. Khalsa. I’ve been seeing him for over seven years now, and even though I don’t have chronic health issues, his adjustments have helped me maintain a clear head while dealing with some tough personal issues. His adjustments are gentle, he’s non-judgmental, and he’s also funny. His staff is wonderful and his office is beautiful. I highly recommend him.  -George P.

I am a 8+ year patient of Dr. Khalsa and even though I moved away from Pasadena out to Walnut, two years ago, I make the drive to see Dr. Khalsa because his methods have helped me move from a life of neck pain and Tylenol to a life of movement and freedom of pain that I had not experienced in over 10 years before I found him. His office is not only accommodating and peaceful but the staff if every so helpful and wonderful to deal with.Give him a try you will be so grateful that you did!  -Harriet G.

Dr. Khalsa has been a life saver more times than I can count over the past 10 years. He has been my main doctor and health care provider during this time and has shown me how to keep myself healthy and balanced through the weekly chiropractic adjustments and energetic clearing. He has helped me through every issue small and large – from minor colds to debilitating low back pain, a cracked tailbone and extreme neck pain and headaches. His process is simple, empowering and I have seen it work immediately time and time again. Sometimes there has been a chronic condition that doesn’t go away, but we have kept working on it and trying new techniques until my body is able to shift. His style is gentle and compassionate, incorporating holistic and yogic technology. His sessions address the physical issues, underlying emotional issues and nutrition/supplements that can help to bring the body back to a state of health and balance. Dr. Khalsa is a masterful doctor, healer and an outstanding human being committed to family, community and service. I am grateful and blessed to have him on my healing team!  -Jennifer W.
I never thought I needed a chiropractor since I didn’t have back problems. I was wrong!! He does so much more than just adjustments-after he helped me with a running injury, I’ve been to see him every two weeks for over 10 years!! Can’t recommend him high enough. Best ever!!  – Howard B.
I’ve been going to Dr. Khalsa for about twenty years. My last two children have seen only him as their primary “physician”. I started going after a car accident and seeing no improvement in my neck after TWO YEARS with a regular chiropractor. In two visits with Dr. Santokh, my improvement was permanent. YOU have to decide how happy and healthy you choose to be. He’s there to help and guide, but the real beauty part is that it’s all up to you. This just may be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Congratulations!  -Rita S.
I have been seeing Dr. Khalsa for over three years and he has helped me maintain wellness as well as seen me through some very stressful times. Dr. Khalsa truly helped me change my life, introducing me to Kundalini Yoga and adjusting me on a regular basis. He is a gifted healer and a wonderful person! His office is a sanctuary and his staff are kind and helpful. I highly recommend making his practice a part of your life!  -Lisa C.
My wife, daughter and I have been going to Dr. Santokh Khalsa for chiropractic therapies for many years. He and his staff are wonderful and best of all his therapies are truly healing. We’ve already recommended him to friends and family.  -Peter D.
I have been going to Dr. Khalsa for several years and know how much it has helped me. I have seen improvement both physically, emotionally and mentally. Dr. Khalsa is an intuitive healer with the ability to assist in the wellness of all he treats. I feel that seeing Dr. Khalsa regularly has been one of the most important things I have done for my overall health. –Jose S.


Santokh Singh Khalsa not only adjusts, but helps your body heal! I have been going for years and issues that have haunted me since my youth are now balanced and corrected. I wholeheartedly trust this man… you will walk out feeling light and released… amazing.  -Vanessa N.
I have been going to Dr Khalsa on and off since 2004… He is a powerfully intuitive healer. He really understands what truly needs adjusting and where the issue comes from rather than just going in and cracking everything. I consistently receive such incredible opening and shifts physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually when I see him. He is the whole package.  -Michelle Y.
I used to get frequent blinding headaches, but since seeing Dr. K, I rarely get them anymore. And if I feel one starting, he can stop it within hours. My sciatic pain is gone as well. He’s a good listener and works with you to correct all your symptoms. And he’s very knowledgeable about supplements that can support the healing process. I highly recommend Dr. Khalsa.  – Albert K.
Dr. Khalsa is the best. From my very first visit I knew he was exceptional, a true healer.  -Stephanie R.
Dr. Khalsa goes far beyond typical chiropractic. He’s a yogi healer with advanced techniques that raise your consciousness while alleviating pain and discomfort.  -Lucy J.

I can recommend Dr. Khalsa to anybody, as I also know and cherish his honesty and willingness to help beyond receiving personal benefit.  -Linda G.

Dr. Khalsa is one of the best chiropractors I have dealt with. His professionalism and attention to detail regarding areas of improvement have the quality of my life significantly better. Thank you!  -Taric H.
Dr. Khalsa is not only a Chiropractor, he is an incredible healer. A visit to his office can have an incredible impact on a person’s emotional, mental and physical health. Every patient receives the best quality care.  -Jessica Y.
I’m so happy to be finally taking care of myself on a far deeper level. Thank you Dr. Khalsa! I look forward to getting back to optimum health with your expert guidance!  -Alan G.
I’ve seen quite a few practitioners in the past, and unfortunately feeling better did not last. For the first time in a long while, I can truly say that the treatments are helping me to heal. It’s wonderful to feel good again!  -Louise O.