What is the science behind the ketogenic diet?

If you need more science to verify that the ketogenic diet is safe and will not cause you to gain weight and have a heart attack, there is some really good research that substantiates this.  Below this video is a link to a website that summarizes 23 different randomized controlled studies, the gold standard of scientific research.

I encourage you to check out these studies.  They compare the effect of a low carb diet to the effect of what most traditional weight loss programs recommend, a low fat calorie restricted diet.    Over and over the conclusions are that the low carb diet was better at the following:

   • Lowering weight

   • Lowering waist size

   • Lowering total cholesterol

   • Raising HDL (the good cholesterol)

   • Lowering fasting blood sugar

   • Lowering insulin levels

Clearly there is a lot of good science supporting the ketogenic diet.