Neck and Shoulder Pain

You know how irritating and draining neck and shoulder pain can be.  And you know how it wears you out so completely dealing with this pain.  This type of pain is so common because of how much time you spend driving or sitting at a desk.  Your neck was just not designed to be whipped around and bent forward so much.There is no such thing as normal neck and shoulder pain.  Your pain is a warning sign that something within you is not functioning properly.  It can be from poor posture, from auto accidents, falls, and from emotional stress.Pain relievers can give you temporary relief, but they don’t get to the underlying cause.I have had excellent results in resolving neck and shoulder pain.  The cause is often a block in the spine that is irritating the nerves.  By removing this block, you are able to heal yourself and your neck moves freer, you have less tension across the shoulders, and you feel like your head is lighter.At my office, I also investigate the deeper causes of these blocks:  poor diet, food sensitivities, lack of exercise, emotional stress, etc.  By addressing these other causes, I improve your health so your neck and shoulders stay balanced and relaxed.