Is the ketogenic diet for me?

It is estimated that 85% of adults have some degree of insulin resistance and would benefit from the ketogenic diet.  If you have struggled with either your weight or your blood sugar, then most likely this is a sign of insulin resistance and this diet would be helpful for you.  If you don’t have weight or blood sugar issues, but you have hormone imbalances, circulatory issues, allergies, and other health challenges, there is a good change that you may benefit from this diet.

The way that we can tell if you are a good candidate is through some simple blood work.  In addition to the usual tests, we will run a fasting insulin test to see if your insulin levels are elevated.  We will also run a special cholesterol test which will give us a more detailed picture of all of your good and bad cholesterol particles.  If these are out of balance, then this diet is going to be helpful for you.