Insomnia.  You know what it is like to lie in bed seemingly forever before you are able to sleep.  Or you know what it is like to wake up and then not be able to sleep.  You know how raw your nerves get from lack of sleep and how irritable you can be.  There is no such thing as a normal insomnia.  Your sleep disturbance is a warning sign that something within you is not functioning properly.  It can be from hormones, poor diet, and especially from emotional stress.Sleeping pills can help you sleep, but they don’t get to the underlying cause, and they often leave you groggy and dull.I have had excellent results in resolving sleep problems.  The cause is often a block in the spine that is irritating the nerves.  By removing this block, you are able to heal yourself and then you naturally go to sleep easier and sleep throughout the night.  You wake up rested and rejuvenated.At my office, I also investigate the deeper causes of these blocks:  poor diet, food sensitivities, lack of exercise, emotional stress, etc.  By addressing these other causes, I improve your health so your body is able to get the rest that it needs, so you can have an active and fulfilling life.