Hormones and PMS

Hormones and PMS.  You know how draining your monthly cycle can be.  Whether it is moodiness and headaches before your period, or excessive bleeding or cramps during your cycle, you know how this can affect your mood and attitude.If you are having menopause symptoms, you also know how off balance these symptoms can make you feel.There is no such thing as normal hormonal symptoms.  Your symptoms are a sign that something within you is not functioning properly.  Taking pain relievers, birth control pills or other hormones can alleviate these symptoms, but they don’t get to the underlying cause.I have had excellent results in resolving these hormonal issues.  The cause is often a block in the spine that is irritating the nerves.  By removing this block, you are able to heal yourself and your hormones return to balance.  This not only helps you physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.At my office, I also investigate the deeper causes of these blocks:  poor diet, food sensitivities, lack of exercise, emotional stress, etc.  By addressing these other causes, I improve your health so you can experience being a woman without these hormonal problems.