Free Downloads


Dr. Khalsa’s suggestions for stress and adrenal balance

This download has a list of several siggestions to start addressing the stress in your life today.

Dr. Khalsa’s suggestion for better digestion

This download has a list of 10 simple suggestions to help you to a stronger and more balanced digestion.

Information Sheet On GMO Foods

This download has information regarding GMO foods and answers some of the most frequently asked questions like; What does GMO stand for and what does it mean? How much of the food grown in the U.S. is GMO? What are the major areas of concern regarding GMOs? and more.

Research Studies Confirming The Benefit Of Chiropractic Care

Many people make the claim that there is no scientific proof of the benefit of chiropractic care. Here is a summary of just a few of the research studies that confirm the benefits of chiropractic care.

Four Pillars of Health

Living a healthy lifestyle is actually relatively simple. Dr. Khalsa has refined the most important lifestyle changes into a very easy to understand guide. Download these easy steps. Print it out and tape it to your refrigerator. Give yourself congratulations for the ones that you are already doing, and make a plan to gradually incorporate the rest of these steps into your lifestyle. These simple tools will guarantee you a healthy and fulfilling life.

Spinal Exercises

Life is movement, and movement is life. Everyone needs to move their body, especially their spine, every single day of their lives. These simple exercises which only take 5 to 10 minutes a day, can make a huge change in your life if you practice them regularly.

Do you have a health problem or a back problem?

Did you realize that every level of your spine is connected to specific organs and systems. This spinal chart shows the relationship of every spinal level with all of the organs of the body, and some of the symptoms that you might expect if you have a subluxation at a certain level.

Yoga and Chiropractic

In 1974 I was introduced to both Kundalini yoga and chiropractic and have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as a teacher and a chiropractor for almost 40 years. I want to share the similarity of these two sciences and how they complement each other.

Vit D-What you need to know

This download is a summary of the book Vitamin D Revolution by Saram Khalsa, M.D., a friend of Dr. Khalsa’s. Some of the most exciting research in the past 10 years is around the importance of Vitamin D in preventing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and flu.

Suggestions for Cleansing Diets and Fasts

Occasionally we all feel like cleaning out. This download has some simple suggestions of how cleanse the body.