Back, Hip and Leg Pain

You know how helpless and vulnerable it feels when your back goes out.  Every movement is a major accomplishment.  When your core muscles are not supporting your back, it is so draining and exhausting just getting through each day.  And you know how it wears you out so completely dealing with this pain.  And sometimes this pain can radiate into your hips and down your legs.  This is called sciatic pain.There is no such thing as a normal back or sciatic pain.  Your pain is a warning sign that something within you is not functioning properly.  It can be from poor posture, too much sitting, improper lifting, accidents, falls, and even from emotional stress.Pain relievers can give you temporary relief, but they don’t get to the underlying cause.I have had excellent results in resolving all types of back, hip and leg pain.  The cause is often a block in the spine that is irritating the nerves.  By removing this block, you are able to heal yourself and return to a normal life without worrying about when your back is going to go out.At my office, I also investigate the deeper causes of these blocks:  poor diet, food sensitivities, lack of exercise, emotional stress, etc.  By addressing these other causes, I improve your health so your back supports you and you feel empowered to move, exercise and live without back pain.