Allergies and Immune Problems

You know how exhausting and irritating allergies can be.  And you know how it wears you out so completely dealing with these allergy symptoms.  Whether it is seasonal sinus and eye allergies, bronchial and lung congestion, rashes, or eczema, these take their toll on the quality of your life.  There is no such thing as a normal allergy.  Your symptoms are a sign that something within you is not functioning properly.  It can be from foods, substances in the air, chemicals and especially  emotional stress.Allergy medication can give temporary relief, but it doesn’t get to the underlying cause.  I have had excellent results in resolving all types of allergy issues.  The cause is often a block in the spine that is irritating the nerves.  By removing this block, you are able to heal yourself and your immune system returns to balance, and your allergies decrease and disappear.  At my office, I also investigate the deeper causes of these blocks:  poor diet, food sensitivities, lack of exercise, emotional stress, etc.  By addressing these other causes, I improve your health so you are no longer plagued with allergic reactions to the world around you.