No Foolin’ – Khalsa Chiropractic celebrates 40 year anniversary

April 1st is my 40 year Anniversary of my Chiropractic Practice.

I graduated from chiropractic college in 1978 but it took a while to get my license. I was married in September of 1978 and was still working as a carpenter/handyman to pay the bills. I found a small but perfect office at 2100 E. Colorado Blvd. (The building is still there). It was ironic that my first day of practice was April fool’s day 1979.

I did not know much about starting a business. Chiropractic college taught me how to be a chiropractor but not how to run a business. Fortunately, I picked it up and did not make too many mistakes. Many of my first patients were yoga students who I had “unofficially” been adjusting for awhile. My wife was my first receptionist but she was pregnant with our first child and I soon had to hire another friend who lived in the yoga ashram to work with me.

I continued to work for about six months as a carpenter until my practice got bigger. My first child was born in October and that was when I started practicing full time.

In the 40 years, I have had four offices, all in Pasadena. I always wanted to have an office with The Awareness Center and in 2014 the space above the Awareness Center opened up and I was able to move my practice above the yoga studio that I had helped to found in 1975.

Thank you to all of you that have supported the healing and uplifting energy that I have been putting out into this community for the last 40 years.  It is an honor to have served all of you in this capacity.

And don’t worry.  I expect to keep doing this for many more years.  See you soon!

Dr. Khalsa